How do I sound confident when recording audio?

It's natural to feel a little nervous when recording your voice. It's similar to public speaking, in fact, and similar advice applies.

Here are a few tips that will help you sound confident and professional on the microphone.

Smile while talking

Smiling while talking on the microphone will not only make your voice sound more friendly, but it will also relax your mind and body.

Research the topic and guest

A few minutes of research on the guest and their field of expertise will ensure your questions are relevant and informed, and you stay relaxed and confident on the microphone.

Read a couple of blog articles on the topic to be discussed, and check out the guest's social media profiles. If you make notes as you research, asking questions will be a breeze.

Talk about things you understand

Nothing boosts confidence more than knowing what you're talking about. By choosing topics you understand well, or by doing your research beforehand, you can put your best foot forward when recording, safe in the knowledge you know the topic inside-out

Ask questions that interest you

Enthusiasm and interest are just as important as confidence. Follow your natural curiosity and ask questions you actually want to know the answer to. It's likely your audience will have similar questions, if they are anything like you.

Your voice will sound more alive, and your questions will be more interesting as a result.

Record asynchronously for zero pressure

Recording a live interview can be a nerve-wracking experience for both the host and the guest. Thinking on the spot while expressing yourself clearly is not for the faint of heart.

In contrast, there's zero-pressure when recording interviews asynchronously in Rumble Studio. You can take your time to consider what you will say, write talking points down on paper, and mentally prepare before pressing the record button.

Best of all, you can redo any mistakes. Rumble Studio allows you to record multiple version of a recording, then select the best one before submitting it.

Start now and practice often

Success breeds confidence, and confidence breeds success. It's a chicken and egg situation. The best way to build confidence is to start today, then keep going.