How to have anonymous guests?

Uncheck the "Hide anonymous option" to let your participant answer anonymously

Even if we do not send marketing emails at all to guests we understand that some of you wants to avoid the need for the email request itself. It's now possible 😊:

To do: insert a "Welcome message" if not already the case.

The "Welcome message" is mandatory. If you don't provide one: we generate a default one anyway.

And uncheck the option to hide the anonymous option:


Your guest can either choose the "Anonymous flow" option or the "Identified flow".

Keep in mind: when we say anonymous: we really mean anonymous. So we don't know who that is, hence we can't give access twice to this participant in order to protect the data uploaded from malicious people.

We will build other flow to cover your needs but in the meantime feel free to join our Discord Community server to express your ideas: