How to share elements with a team

If you already have a team you can go to next section

First, let's create a team

Go to Team & Contacts page and click on "New" to create a team. It should open the following modal:

After clicking "Create" it will open the new team and you should see this (with your email instead of mine):

You can add a member (I won't go into the details here). I just added my favorite tester friend: Bob.

Now let's add a folder

You can either click on "Add a folder" or on the 3 dots close to the team name:

Fill the folder name, like "My incredible folder for Bob" and here you are.

How to add files to your folder(s)

For now, the only way is to do it from the folder option button (the 3 dots).

And you will need to scroll along your list of files. We know it can be huge and we are working on a way to search in this list :)

And voilà ! The file you clicked on should appear in this folder.

Bob will have access to it after refreshing his page. 

Here is an example I used before to share jingles (I blurred the names):

Now, what about sharing an interview?

To share an interview you must do it from the interview page itself.

Click on the Pencil shaped button:

Then type the name you need:

  • a team name to share the interview with a team (it will appear at the root of your team)
  • a folder (to share the interview with every teams containing this folder) (because yes, a folder can be referenced by multiple teams: how cool is that?🤩)
  • a contact name: no need for a team to let someone enjoy your interview


For now: 

  • we only support reading those elements (only the owner can edit the interview, others will only be able to read it)
  • Everybody can remove/add elements to a team (interviews, files, even members): so build team of people you can trust ;)

If you need anything more: feel free to ping us or even better: fill a feature request here:


Happy sharing,