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How to share my subscription with a team?

Let a team enjoy your quota

In order to let other users get access to features and to quota of your subscription you need 2 things:

- one team

- one subscription with multiple seats attached to it like Plus (Tier 2) or Advanced (Tier 3)


A subscription for 3 seats can't be attached to a team with more than 3 members ;)

Don't forget to stay in this team too if you plan on using Rumble for yourself.


1) Go to the team page

2) Create a team and add your teammates

3) Go to the subscription page

4) Open the subscription you want to share


5) Click on the big yellow button "Change beneficiary" and select in the menu the team you want to share your subscription with: and voilà!


6) Your teammates WON'T be notified. But if they refresh their page they should now have the same features as you and can start exporting and creating branding kits for example.


Teammates don't have access to other teammates contents by default. They just share the quota.
To share an element with your team stay tuned for another article to come :)


💡 You can create one team for sharing your subscription: and you can also create other "sub" teams for any project specific groups :)

Bear in mind that only users in the "beneficiary team" will have features access (or users paying their own subscription).