How to use HTML in my interview?

You can use HTML tags in paragraphs

It's more of a technical solution here, but if you are willing to type some HTML code that could help you reach your objectives until we make a feature for that instead.

We will enrich this article with more example along the way.

Here is the first:

How to center text ?

Just type your description as usual and insert:

- <center> at the beginning

- </center> at the end (take note of the back slash)

An image example:

Capture d’écran 2022-08-15 à 12.44.43


How to use Right to Left alignement

How to make text aligned from right to left? 

Insert in your paragraph:

- <div class="rs-rtl"> before

- </div> after

Technical explanation:

You can't use "inline style" in the HTML tags (for security reasons). But you can use some specific "style class" (also called usually a CSS class).

We made one available to enable Right to Left support, it's called "rs-rtl":

Capture d’écran 2022-08-15 à 12.59.36


You can also use the heading tags to make text bigger (a good combination can be to ignore the step title and add yours instead in the paragraph input below):

 <h1>some big text</h1> 

You can change the number for a different size: from 1 (bigger) to 6 (not so big).


Not what you are looking for?

Need another example? Let us know in the help section or the feature request page :)