How to use your custom domain with Rumble Studio?

White-label with custom web domain (aka CNAME support)

You have a domain and want to hide behind it? You are at the right place!


To take advantage of this new feature you need to create

 a "Domain" object first AND at least one "Page" object.


Domains can be managed at

Pages can be managed at


1) Register your domain (with the desired subdomain)

The "domain" object will let us check your domain DNS records (for example,,,, ....).

Don't use your existing website domain❗ We need the fully detailed domain (but nothing at the end).


If you already have a website at "" (and most of the time also at "") then you must register in Rumble with another subdomain like ""




The domain page will open itself and you should read all the blue helpers to set your DNS settings right. Here is another help article in case you want more info: Registrar/Hosting service

Reach out if you need help.

 Now that you have a "Domain" you can use it to create multiple "pages" 


2) Create a page to point toward an interview

The "page" object will allow you to:

- set the URL path after your domain (ex:

- which interview should be available when visiting the full link.


Let's get started! 


1) Head to and click on "New"

2) When you create a new "Page" you must choose which kind of page you want.
For now, we only offer "Interview page". But that's okay because Rumble is mostly about interview right? In a near future, this page feature will let you create dropbox-style pages, podcast public page, audio collection player, etc... But let's focus on the first case for now => Click on "Interview page: ...." 

3) Select the target, meaning: "Which interview should be displayed when a visitor opens this page?"

4) Fill some internal properties (for your beautiful eyes 👀 only) and select the domain too.

5) Set the "public page title" (it will be shown in the tab of the browser), the URL path and the favicon.

About the "URL Path" (or "path", or "slug", ...):

You can use them to structure your interviews (if you have several of them) to match your guests, your show, your different needs, etc. For example with the domain "":






In the last example above notice the trailing "/".

This is the minimum path (browsers may even clear it for your visitors). It is an an absolutely valid option for your page "path".


To check that everything is working fine: open for example in incognito:

 (don't forget the 2 pieces: the domain with the subdomain AND the page path)