Recording options: delete, reorder, display tracks

Advanced recording vs simple recording

When you record audio you can use:

  • the Simple recording mode
  • the Advanced recording mode

By default, every guests and every hosts start with the Simple Mode.

Here is a Simple mode screenshot:

When you use the Simple recording: we only keep the last recorded file. 

But if you want you can activate the Advanced recording mode (also called "Please-keep-everything-,-I-like-to-record-in-multiple-pieces mode):

Most of the time when you activate the "Advanced recording" mode you will want to display the recorded tracks (as you can see above when I clicked on the yellow list icon). It gives you more power:


And from now on: you can start playing for real:

  • edit your transcript by double-clicking on it or using the "edit" action
  • revert to original transcript with the reset button
  • re-order your tracks with the 2-lines icon
  • de-activate audio from one track (but keep it, just in case...we never know...) by clicking the music note button
  • and if you are more of the Mr/Mrs Clean  type you can use the trash icon