Registrar, hosting service, who is what?

You want to understand a little bit more about the records to use your domain ? Read on!

Most of the times the "website provider" (or "hosting provider") is not the same as the "Registrar" (or "DNS service provider").
Example of registrar: GoDaddy, Porkbun, Google Domains, OVH...
Example of website provider: Webflow, Hubspot (you are reading a website hosted by Hubspot right now), Wix, Hostinger, Shopify,...
Names can be confusing because they can do both sometimes: Google Domains will provide you with a Google Site if you want. OVH will let you launch a wordpress website. Etc...
In a nutshell, the registrar is like a big phone book for IPs. They are accredited to say "This domain name is owned by XXXX and is pointing toward YYYY". 
Most of the time you will points toward the website provider: "" => a Shopify hosted commerce website
Your registrar is telling your visitors of the root domain to load the website hosted by your Hosting service. (It's doing much more than that but it's one of the main mission  😋).
By adding new records in your registrar you can creates extra connexions. Of course, one domain can only points toward one target, that's why we also use subdomains. 
By adding "participate" to your registrar with a CNAME value of "" you ask your registrar to tell your visitors of the URL "" to load the website hosted by Rumble Studio (we are "just" a website provider too in a way).
Same as you can "create a blog page on your website management interface" you can "create an interview page on Rumble Studio".
We could literally pivot to website hosting (but where is the fun in that 😜 )

Just to make things a little bit more complicated: you can also ask your registrar to delegate its role to the hosting service. So if you are wondering "Which service should I set the Rumble DNS values in ?" => it depends who is actually doing the job 😑

Adding extra values to your records can't really hurt: so don't hesitate to test. And we are still available on the support of you need an extra hand :)