Which podcast host should I use?

There are many affordable podcast hosting services to choose from, depending on your needs.

Podcast hosting is a feature coming soon to Rumble Studio - see our Roadmap.

In the meantime, there are many affordable podcast hosting companies that you can choose from.

A quick web search for 'best podcast host' will surface many options to choose from. Here are our recommendations:

Business Hosting - OmnyStudio

If you require full business podcast hosting, including team collaboration features, advanced permission controls and a wide range of useful functions, then we highly recommend OmnyStudio. It's a bit more expensive than some other options, but we think it's great value for money. It's no surprise that OmnyStudio is one of the most popular business podcasting solutions.

Affordable Hosting - Buzzsprout

If you need a reliable and affordable podcast host, then Buzzsprout is a great choice. They are adding more features all the time, and they have great support too. Their free plan gives you everything you need to get started, with a 90 day limit on each file, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan once you need more.

Private Hosting - Transistor

If you need to keep your audio content private, and grant selective access to individuals or groups, then Transistor is the podcast host for you. With a range of features catering to business needs, it's a great podcast host that's worthy of consideration.

Free Hosting - Anchor

Anchor is completely free, and is tightly integrated with Spotify. The downside is that it is not ideal for business; you don't own your feed URL or your Apple Podcasts account, and they have the right to redistribute your content elsewhere. However, if budget is a major factor, Anchor can be a good place to host your audio and get started in the world podcasting.